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Kingman is located in northwestern Arizona and is the county seat of Mohave County. Kingman is a regional trade and service center for a market area of over 200,000.

Commercial buildings and properties for sale and rent come in all sizes for all needs including storefronts, pad sites, strip shopping centers, office buildings, medical offices, auto service centers, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, rail sidings, restaurants and professional offices.

As of the 2010 census, the city of Kingman had a total population of 28,068 and nearby communities bring the total population to a little over 50,000.

Kingman is an affordable community located in Mohave County in Northwestern Arizona. Mohave County has a population of 200,186 with Kingman being the county seat

Kingman is a transportation center along the Interstate I-40 corridor along with a history of rail transportation. Kingman is well located at the intersection of the Canamex Highway connecting Canada and Mexico, Historic Old Route 66, US 93 to Phoenix or Las Vegas, and State Route 68 which leads to Laughlin, Nevada.

Kingman has federal, regional, state and local government offices and facilities centrally located here. The laid back atmosphere of the area provides the basis for easy to work with city and county administrations.

Kingman is located in a stable geographic portion of the United States away from the areas that normally experience catastrophic emergencies every year.

If your tired of high taxes, labor problems, city and county governments that don't care about you, smoggy cities, overcast skies, California earthquakes, living in tornado alley, the ever presence rains of the northwest, the midwest and eastern states flooding, the bitter cold and snow that never seems to melt, the hurricans of the Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern cost, and the high crime rates many of those areas, move to Kingman, Arizona.

A wide variety of businesses already call Kingman home.
Kingman, Arizona has a wide variety of office, retail, medical,
professional practice, service and manufacturing space available.
Historic Downtown is ideal for specialty retail, antique, art, and tourist orientated stores. Recent remodeling has brought to life many opportunities. The longest remaining stretch of Historic Route 66 passes through downtown Kingman.

Medical Space - Kingman is a regional medical center. There is a wide variety of space available, everything from 1,000 square to entire wings of medical buildings.

Office Space - There is a wide variety of office space available, everything from 1,000 square to entire buildings. The nicest part? Enough parking.

New Commercial Space - There is a wide variety of new retail space available, everything from 1,000 square foot storefronts, to several large strip centers with a wide ranges of spaces. New and recently built office/warehouse space is also available.

1,100 Acre Industrial Park - 250+ acres of sites available, rail served by Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad, redundant electrical distribution, fiber optic communications, natural gas, water and sewer, 32 million people within a 350-mile radius, competitive taxes and Mohave County Enterprise Zone. The Kingman airport is right next door and is rated for DC-9 and 737-type aircraft with a 6,830-foot by150-foot main runway. Commuter air service to Phoenix is offered daily.
Aeronautical Information About The Kingman Airport
Kingman has many more location options for your business, everything from small office space to large retail spaces. There is also a large variety of land available to build to your specifications. Confidential relocation assistance for commercial and industrial companies is available.
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