- It is rumoured that a UFO crashed on the 20th May 1953 near the desert town of Kingman, Arizona. This case was first brought to the publics attention by Raymond Fowler in June 1973. Fowler had obtained evidence from a witness he referred to as 'Fritz Werner'.

A 30ft disc embedded into the sand that appeared to of been constructed of an aluminium-like material. There was a small hole in the craft, which appeared to be the result of a crash.

There was a small cabin and tiny chairs inside the craft. There were claims to have been a body of a small creature about 4ft tall wearing a skull-cap and a silver one-piece suit.

Support for this story once again came from personnel at Wright Patterson who claimed that he was witness to a delivery from a 'crash site in Arizona' in 1953. He said that 3 bodies had been recovered and were packed in dry ice, 4ft tall, large heads and brownish skin.

Since then several other witnesses have come forward including a future Vietnam commander who has testified to the validity of the story.

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