Sunset from the Hualapai Mountains just 10 minutes from Downtown Kingman.

Arizona is renowned for spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Kingman is the perfect place to enjoy them as it has great views to the west. Every day we are treated to a spectacular sunset. If you love a brilliant golden Arizona sunset, the sunsets can be awesome here in Kingman.

There are colorful sunsets everywhere in the world, but the Arizona deserts are particularly noted for the wonderful, bright colors of their sunsets. Clean air is best for the best sunsets. You just don't get that much clean air and sense of the sky and land back east. The best sunsets occur when there are at least a few high clouds and Arizona is known for breathtaking cloud formations.

You've been dreaming about the perfect home in Arizona for years and now it's time to imagine sipping your morning coffee while enjoying the desert sunrises. The Arizona sunrises are a good reason to become and early riser.

In the evenings you can enjoy cool refreshing drinks while watching the famous Arizona sunsets. Ahhh, one of those "Arizona Highways" sunsets!

Kingman, Arizona Sunrise, Sunset, Dawn & Dusk times for the whole year.
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