The summer climate in wilderness areas is harsh and your worst enemies in Arizona. Daytime temperatures during the summer months are over 100 degrees. Temperatures are more moderate between October 1 and April 30th.

It is far easier to avoid dehydration than to rehydrate after you have become dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to drink a lot of water before you set off on hot hikes. Sunblock and hats are essential for Arizona hiking, especially at high elevations.

Take More Water Than You Think You Will Need
For Every Person and Animal, Even on a Car Trip!

Among the various heat stress disorders are heat cramps, heat exhaustion, dehydration exhaustion, and heat stroke. The Southwestern Region of the USFS offers the following guidelines for recognizing and treating heat stress disorders:
Type of
Heat Stress
Cause Symptoms Treatment
Heat cramps Failure to replace salt lost in sweating. Painful muscle cramps. Drink lightly salted water or lemonade, tomato juice, or athletic drinks; stretch cramped muscle.
Heat exhaustion Failure to replace water and salt lost in sweating. Weakness, unstable gait, or extreme fatigue; wet clammy skin; headache, nausea, collapse. Rest in shade and drink lightly salted fluids.
Dehydration exhaustion Failure to replace water losses over several days. Weight loss and excessive fatigue. Drink fluids and rest until body weight and water losses are restored.
Heat stroke Total collapse of temperature regulating mechanisms. Hot skin; high body temperature (106F or higher); mental confusion, delirium, loss of consciousness, convulsions. Rapidly cool victim immediately, either by immersing in cold water or soaking clothing with cold water and fanning vigorously to promote evaporative cooling. Continue until temperature drops below 102F. Treat for shock if necessary once temperature is lowered. Send for medical help at once. Brain damage and death result if treatment is delayed.
Water is relatively scarce, but flash flooding can occur even it is not raining where you are. Watch the weather all around for storms. Purification of all water is a necessity.
Take More Water Than You Think You Will Need
For Every Person and Animal, Even on a Car Trip!

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